Loka Samasta Sukinu Bhavantu

- May all beings everywhere be happy and free of suffering…

Quality over quantity!

Beautiful, clean, bright studio. Smaller classes. Exceptional guidance with clear cuing and hands on touch where needed. Feel nurtured. Feel seen.

A dedicated teacher and mentor for over 14 years, Yoga classes with Joey are a fusion that encompass a wide variety of modalities including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Hatha, Yin and restorative yoga.

Students have come to love the rich balance of strength, stability, mobility, and stillness.

Always an all-encompassing practice leading into a steady sense of calm and ease.

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Private Yoga

Whether you need a postural tune up or an energetic reboot, a private yoga session is the best way to better understand the subtle nuances within your practice which often require the nurturance and guidance of an experienced teacher.

As with any one on one session, you can expect personalised session completely tailored to your specific needs.

CURRENT OFFER: 45 mins $75 write to hello@humvibes.com or text/call 0421079374

Private Stretch Session

This is a combination of yoga poses with Traditional Thai Massage and delicate hands on adjustments to provide students with a balanced experience of nurturance as well as greater understanding or their own movement habits. You will develop a greater understanding of your muscular skeletal system and how to self-auto correct.

CURRENT OFFER: 45 mins $75 write to hello@humvibes.com or text/call 0421079374

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45 mins

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    45 mins

      Public Classes

      Our Yoga Studio has been a staple in the East-side Melbourne community since 2016.

      The essence of our offerings is based on the foundation that each and every individual is on a personal journey, not to find themselves, not to better themselves, but to reveal what is already there. Pure Divinity.

      We do this by sharing traditional teachings from a place of dedicated learning, lived experience and inner understanding. Every single teacher is a unique and caring individual with a set of skills and talents that not only excites but inspires you to unravel and dissolve into the grounded, stable, open and loving self that you are.

      A typical class is a guided meditative movement class. Often incorporating a theme, breath work, sound and yoga philosophy. Presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand through clear and guided verbal and/or visual cues along with hands on adjustments where needed to correct and/or guide students deeper into physical practice.

      Issues with booking?

      Write to hello@humvibes.com or text/call 0421079374

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